Supporting Self- Determination

We are reframing the way that project proponents engage with traditional custodians according to the principle of self-determination. We act as catalysts to structure and supplement project elements that are critical to successful delivery and sustainable benefits transfer.

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Dedicated to Sustainable Indigenous Engagement

We Are Reframing The Way That Project Propents Engage With Traditional Custodians.

Our mission is to ensure a culturally sensitive approach to projects that are proposed for specific Australian locations.
We understand that each project is unique in terms of its objectives, timeframe and available resources.

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We believe we can all do better

We recognise traditional custodians as either native title determinants or claimants, and acknowledge they will be impacted upon by project activities.We bring together project proponents and recognised language groups in a way that delivers mutual benefit for all participants.

Our Approach is Underpinned by our values

  • Culturally appropriate project delivery
  • Equity of access for all Australians
  • Respect for diversity
  • Sustainability as a balance of economic, social and environmental outcomes

We aim to achieve sustainable outcomes that transcend the life of a project to build capacity within communities.

We ensure each element that is critical to the delivery of a successful project is in place, including project governance, capital funding and finance, specialised plant and equipment, technical expertise and structured training pathways.

The foundation of our approach is a Project Delivery Agreement (PDA), which sets out the rights, responsibilities, risks and rewards of each of the project participants.

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