On Country Heritage and Consulting is a specialist cultural heritage consultancy focused on providing innovative and dynamic approaches to heritage and land management. We bring together research expertise in Aboriginal cultural heritage, archaeology, history and anthropology, along with our core strengths in working with community ‘On Country’.

 Our highly qualified team provides professional and independent heritage advice to ensure that clients meet the requirements of various state and commonwealth legislative frameworks. Notably, the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 and Victorian Heritage Act 1995. We are committed to working with our clients to guide them through the heritage process to ensure long-term success and value. We also provide a range of associated anthropological, historical and archaeological research services attuned to respectful engagement Aboriginal Traditional Owners and the wider Australian community.


Cultural Heritage Management Plans

We draw on the experience of the Federation of Traditional Owner Corporations, Victorian Registered Aboriginal Parties (RAPs), and our team of highly qualified heritage specialists, to provide professional heritage management recommendations to ensure that your project is compliant with legislative requirements.

Cultural Interpretation Projects

Our heritage professionals can assist with signage using traditional names/language, visual aids for cultural education in public areas, interpretive planning for public spaces and incorporating cultural values into developments. We can assist clients to incorporate Aboriginal cultural values into any project and build awareness and respect for Aboriginal culture and history through increased public engagement and education.

Cultural Values Assessments

Desktop and field assessments of existing cultural heritage helps to guide projects before and during the compliance stage. This enables clients to begin considering Aboriginal heritage in the design and planning phase of a project. Costs are reduced and compliance issues surrounding Aboriginal Heritage management are mitigated.

Approved Archaeological Excavations

Our archaeologists can assist with approved excavations, test pits, and shovel tests, auger testing, sieving, and other methods for the excavation of sub-surface archaeological material. We can ensure compliance with relevant legislation and that management, documentation, and repatriation of Aboriginal cultural artefacts is aligned with legislative requirements, and the wishes of Aboriginal stakeholders.

Geographic Information Systems

Our GIS and mapping team has expertise across a broad range of GIS functions including geographic data processing, spatial analysis, spatial database development and administration, visual design and cartography. We have industry leading desktop and web-based geospatial software suites and can link into your existing GIS capability, or develop individual solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Due Diligence Assessments

Due Diligence Assessments or ‘desktop assessments’ may be required when the threshold triggers that would necessitate a CHMP are unclear or ambiguous. Our knowledgeable heritage professionals can assist you to determine if a CHMP is required for your project, and advise you on preliminary heritage concerns prior to the development of a CHMP.

Cultural Mapping

We can produce cultural maps for a variety of purposes. We create 2D and 3D representations of culturally significant places or objects and embed them in web-based or standalone software systems. We insert video, audio, photos, panoramic images, and text to produce an immersive user experience and a visceral sense of place.

Ethnobotanical Mapping, Flora and Fauna Surveys

We conduct ethnobotanical, flora and fauna surveys, and suggest management strategies that recognize the intrinsic links between culture, heritage, and the natural environment. We can provide advice for your project at any stage from planning through to rehabilitation and we have experience working in a variety of environmental and biological regions and sub-regions.

Community Consultation and Engagement

We realise that community support contributes heavily to project success and our team of community engagement specialists can communicate your project plan to stakeholders, and obtain relevant and detailed feedback to inform the planning phase. We ensure that communication is respectful, professional, and considerate of cultural protocols.

Aboriginal Heritage Management

We have assisted some of Australia’s largest companies and Traditional Owner groups to implement successful heritage management strategies that have contributed not only to the success of projects, but to outcomes for communities and Aboriginal stakeholders. We assist industry, government, and Traditional Owners to collaborate effectively to develop heritage management strategies that provide positive outcomes for all parties.

Mediation and Dispute Resolution Services

We employ accredited mediators (both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal) from a variety of backgrounds, including, law, social sciences and Aboriginal community services. Our mediators are accredited through the Australian Mediation Association (AMA) and have extensive experience in mediating community disputes by assisting parties to recognise each other’s concerns and develop mutually acceptable outcomes.

Community Projects

We work with communities and individuals to facilitate and realise aspirations relating to the delivery of community projects in the areas of culture, land, education, health and arts. By harnessing available funding frameworks we have successfully co-ordinated a range of projects to the benefit of community members and organisations. We aim to achieve tangible outcomes that community members are proud of.